Exessive thoughts or desires – often of a sexual nature. Well, of course sex sells (as long as it isn’t too blatant), but how else can we introduce lust?


  • Mini, on their USA site have a very slick and quite well implemented configurator that lets you design your own car. In the cold light of day, you’d never consider paying $150 for little wing mirror covers that have a union jack image on them. But once you start playing with the site, that and many other options just look right on the car, so you add them anyway. Because you are unlikely to have a good anchor point for these costs (see greed), and because they are relatively insignificant compared to the overall cost, lust can be an easy sell.
  • We all want to be loved. On May 4th, 2000 an e-mail purporting to be from one of our friends told us that yes, in fact, they did love us. That prompted enough people to open the attachment (10% of all computers attached to the Internet) that $5.5 billion of damage was caused.

Anything that you can do to make people feel loved will endear them to you, and make them more prepared to do things for you.