Uncontrolled feelings of hate or anger. How many times has that happened to you online? Your job is to channel your users’ feelings, control them, and bend them to your advantage.


  • Don’t label required fields on your registration form. Instead, return an error when people don’t fill one in. Now, they’ll be angry but in order to get past the form, they will be more likely to fill in all the fields!

Normally, social structures prevent people from really demonstrating hate and anger. Anonymity and a feeling of belonging are both states which encourage behavior that individuals wouldn’t normally engage in. If you can create an anonymous group of individuals with similar interests, just sit back and watch the flame wars start!


3 thoughts on “Wrath

  1. An example shared at UPA:
    We’ll let you choose the ads you will see. Usually pop-up ads cause anger, but when you just provided the input on which ads will show, how can you be angry?

  2. Political action committees foster this. There is certainly a place for organizing groups in support or opposition of something, but even while generally agreeing with MoveOn.org, there are some petitions they want signatures on that seem a bit of a stretch.

    This goes even further for political punditry. Never was it so clear as when the last Supreme Court nominee was made and their record was pretty clean and consistent, but someone on the radio pointed out that it doesn’t matter how good a choice someone is, there is money to be made in being against whoever is nominated.

    And that’s really true. There is legitimate support or opposition for any given thing, but there are entire careers and businesses made around riling people up about one viewpoint or another, regardless of how valid it is. The problem is, the people doing it for those reasons distract/confuse people who would otherwise engage in a real exploration of the issue. While the direct lobbying and corruption in congress is a problem, it seems like the bigger problem is really those with no real connection to congress at all who exist primarily to make money, those are the ones that influence the voters.

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